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Our Mission is to deliver positive impact. We do so by building trusted relationships connecting you to the products, expertise, and digital tools to exceed your expectations.

In an effort to deliver the digital tools we’ve promised, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Online Store. Our focus is to greatly improve the overall user experience, and this is only the beginning of doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the new Canada Online Store
1 : Why has Veseris made this change?
A : We have transitioned to a new eCommerce system to provide our customers with an overall better user experience. The new system allows more flexibility to add new features and capabilities to continue enhancing the online experience, equipping our customers with all the resources and tools needed to make purchases with convenience and ease. Please note: this is an exclusive preview of the new Online Store as we will be launching the full suite of features in September where customers will see several added capabilities that is not yet available with this initial launch.
2 : What’s new on the store?
A : For the initial launch, customers will be able to: - Search for products with ease using key words in search, and search by category, manufacturer, pests, and sites - View products popular in your area and frequently ordered products - See product comparisons and recently viewed products - Have quick access to SDS/labels - Re-order from order history - Search orders by order date, order number, and ship-to - Submit product reviews You will also now be receiving confirmation emails upon placing an order.
3 : What features are to come?
A : For the full September launch, customers will be able to: - Toggle between an English or French translation of the site - Access invoices with ease - Use coupons for product promotions - Make payments by credit card - View order and shipping status
4 : Do I need to do anything?
A : You will need to save your Quick List products as they will not be moving over to the new store automatically. You can download our Quick List Transfer spreadsheet at the bottom of the page and send to us by June 30, 2021 to add them to the new store for you.
5 : Who do I contact for help?
A : You can reach out to your local Sales Representative or call 1-866-572-8240 for assistance. Alternatively, the Support Contact page can be found by clicking “Support Contact” at the bottom of every page on the Online Store.
6 : How do I access the new Online Store?
A : You will sign into your Online Store account by going to and logging in.
7 : How do I search for a product?
A : You can search for products by entering key words into the search box with the glass finder icon or search by category, manufacturer, pest, and site just below the search box.
8 : How do I place an order?
A : At this time you can place an order with your Veseris account. To place an order this way, select “Payment on Account” during the checkout process. Currently the system is not setup to take credit cards, but this feature will become available in September.
9 : How do I access SDS/labels?
A : When visiting a product display page, you can find the associated SDS/Labels under the “SDS & Labels” tab. From here you can download the files in PDF format.
10 : How do I view frequently ordered products?
A : Once you have logged in, there is a section on the homepage that shows your frequently ordered products.
11 : How do I re-order from order history?
A : Once you are logged in, click the arrow next to your name at the top of the page, and go to My Account. Click on My Orders in the left-hand navigation to see your orders and click “Reorder” from this list. If you want to add individual items to your cart, you can view the order details for any order, and add them to your cart.
12 : How do I search for past orders?
A : On the My Orders page, you can search for a specific order number, and you can filter your orders by date.
13 : How do I submit a product review?
Once you are logged in, navigate to the product display page for the product you’d like to review. There is a tab labelled “Reviews.” You can submit your product review from this page.
14 : How do I find my Private Label Product?
We continue to add products that are specific to customers, like private labels, on an individual company basis. If you do not see your product listed in the online store, please contact us at

Download our Quick List Transfer spreadsheet here.

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